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Концерт группы Napalm Death в Музее Виктории и Альберта в Лондоне был отменён из-за опасений за...
Первая половина мая пройдёт в турне по Соединённым штатам Америки. С 21 по 25 мая группа наметила...
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  • 10.05. Houston, TX – Fitzgeralds’s (США) 
  • 11.05. Dallas, TX – Trees (США) 
  • 12.05. San Antonio – Backstage Live (США) 
  • 13.05. El Paso – Tricky Falls (США) 
  • 14.05. Tucson, AZ – The Rock (США) 
  • 15.05. Ramona – Ramona Mainstage (США) 
  • 16.05. Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory (США) 

Цитата группы

"Самое лучшее прозвище, которое прочно за мной укрепилось по сегодняшний день – это «Embo». Мне оно нравится… в отличие от некоторых других…"

Шейн Эмбери

Sceptic In Perspective

It's a straight and narrow path

or is it fate which takes our hand?

Play the game, praise the man that fakes the masterplan;

take the rough with the smooth.

Whose loss do we loose?

What else could we disprove?

Who shapes the abuse?

You prostitute integrity and blindly steal identity.

Buy it out and watch it die;

fashion talks, the bullshit flies.

Bite your tongue and breath a sight;

take the fall or take the climb.

Streamlined and new improved,

a nation sadly out of tune.

Is it just old-fashioned – creation with a passion?

Just an observation of a machine generation.

Push this.

The same old song.

Is the message lost in this – that's not politics?

There's a rhyme to this reason:

they're one and the same.

Take the heart they've broke

and the money they've choke; you're left with no answer

to this industry chancer.

Just an observation of a machine generation.

Push this.

The same old song.

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